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Hi! They are doing great! We renamed Tato to Lilly and Elita to Abby. Lilly is the trouble maker of the two! Always climbing the Christmas tree, getting into everything! Abby is the lover! She’s happy if she can be carried around all day!

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We adopted Owen the American Bulldog in November. Owen is doing very well at his new home in Duluth! We live in an apartment, and he is adjusting to apartment life much better than we expected, as our space is fairly small and can be noisy at times. Owen loves to snuggle, sleep, go for…

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Our little “Basil”, now named Oliver is doing great in his new forever home! He’s enjoying playing/tormenting his big brother Stewie our 13 year old Manx and also playing/chasing our 9 year old Chocolate Lab Stanley. He also enjoys the many hours of Love our little girls give him! He’s such a loving little kitty!…

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