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Archive for January 2022


We adopted two kitties from HSBC about December 2nd. They were Rose (now Aunt Emma) and Daisy (now Tizzy Lish), both Tabbies. There were some bumps in the road as Tizzy had a double still birth about near the end of December right by the Christmas tree in the living room. We took her to our local…

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Sweet Potato is doing great! That is still her name, it fits too perfect. She’s my best friend and follows me everywhere I go. She loves to play but loves to nap even more. I really couldn’t have adopted a more perfect cat for me. Thank you all for everything you do.

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Thumper is awesome! Perfect fit for us and our other two cats and two bulldogs. They all love Thumper, and Thumper loves to play with them. Then once he’s tired he cuddles up with his cats, dogs, or our 13 year old daughter (his favorite). He’s very sweet and curious. He loves giving kisses to his humans.…

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Blitzen now Ruger is doing fantastic. He’s potty trained, can follow a few basic commands, sit, stay and also knows the word No. He’s had his first visit to McDonalds, well the Vet but I told him we were going to McDonalds. He did well with Dr. Tom and has his second visit next month.…

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Luci adapted to the new house and became best friends with my first cat I adopted Lenny. She is super lovey, playful and snuggly. She fits in perfectly. I am waiting to hear back from my vet to see when the next opening is so I can get her fixed. Thank you for checking in.…

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