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Archive for June 2020


I just wanted to let you know that Fernie is doing amazing. I have taken him Kayaking, fishing, hunting, camping, etc… We do everything together. He has become such an amazing dog. He has developed his own personality and has become very obedient, loving, and confident. He even lays on the floor of my bathroom…

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Today is officially a month since we brought our kitty home! We changed her name to Hazel. She is adjusting well and very comfortable in her new home. Training is going smoothly and she is a great listener. Hazel has a daily routine and she reminds us if we are not following it. She has…

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Miller and Nacho have been amazing additions to our family, including big brothers Mannie (14 yrs old) and Felix who is also an HSBC alum (1 yr old). These 2 kitties have brought some much needed excitement and cuteness to our lives during this whole Safer at Home situation. Watching these little guys explore their…

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The kittens are doing just great, they have warmed up nicely and definitely enjoy the company of each other as well as lots of belly rubs and pets.

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