Miller and Nacho have been amazing additions to our family, including big brothers Mannie (14 yrs old) and Felix who is also an HSBC alum (1 yr old).

These 2 kitties have brought some much needed excitement and cuteness to our lives during this whole Safer at Home situation. Watching these little guys explore their new house the first few days was amazing. So much to see and do and sniff. Miller immediately took to living the “High Life” on top of the cat tree where he was able to get used to his new housemates at a little distance and feel more secure. Nacho, who was just a little poof of kitten fur, and found a hiding place pretty quickly that first night and only came out to find food and litter.

Now, after 3 weeks, they are all kinds of settled in. The three younger guys (Felix, Miller, Nacho) spend a great deal of time chasing each other and wrestling but all within good limits. They even nap together. Nacho and Miller could not have been more perfect for our family.  Their personalities bring a ton of fun to our house. We have lots of pictures but here are some of my faves.