I lost my best friend to the Rainbow bridge this last fall. I was so heartbroken and I have had so many for my entire life, yet this one really hurt bad. There was no way I was interested in getting another dog. When people thought I should, I said I wasn’t ready at all. Then Lo decided she wanted to go look at a puppy. I seriously thought you have lost your mind. Earlier in the week I saw this post from you and it was a stray and skin and bones. So I thought ok I will go and check on the stray as like the underdog story as Lo looked at the puppy. I just wanted to see her, not get her. It was love at first sight. Oddest thing ever! Lo got on board. Anyway you had him on a hold.  So I had to wait a while.These pictures don’t do Ranger justice. Incredibly smart. Training is easy. Did a DNA test and a couple of surprises which helps with training. Ranger lives with 3 felines … she won them over pretty fast. Oh and you would not believe how much exercise she gets out here. But more than the weight and height she is gained already. Thanks a ton for this opportunity. Iit has to be a God thing. One last thing. She can run like the wind and is a stealth. Yet she is so polite and so gentle! Thanks for doing what you guys do. Sometimes the most unexpected things are the best blessings!