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Archive for October 2020


Hi – We celebrated our 1 month on October 18th.  We have shortened her name or given her a nickname – we call her Mare. She goes everywhere I go. She has separation anxiety if I leave her. She likes to travel in the car. I bring her to work with me and she spends the day in my…

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Thanks for reaching out! Little Sybil is growing like a weed! She is madly in love with her big brother, HSBC Alumni Gilly, now known as Mako. The two play together constantly. Sybil is adored by everyone she meets. She has a big purrsonality and a tiny squeak of a meow. She did need repeat…

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Josie is being pampered. By the way, her original name is Dixie. I work with the first owner and he said she kept escaping so when you all ended up with her he didn’t come get her. She answers to Dixie so that’s what we call her. She has a 50′ cable run with 30′…

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We adopted Biscuit and Gravy, two kittens from the same litter. We renamed them Kamala and Elizabeth. We adore them. We took our time letting them settle into our home. Our two sweet spaniel/lab dogs were kept at a distance but were finally introduced with a sliding glass door separating them from the kittens. The kittens…

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