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Archive for May 2017


I’m sorry I missed your previous e-mail. We get so much junk mail and I didn’t catch yours as coming from the Humane Society. Anyway, Adele is a sweetheart. She is bringing a lot of love to our home. In the house she is wonderful. She hasn’t gotten into anything and follows commands well. The…

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Max (Dandy)

Hi Pam, Dandy is now Max, and is doing well. We are working on barking and nipping and general “manners” and are seeing good progress. We’ve had 2 trainer visits to help us, and are pleased. Puppy classes start next week. The Chesapeake is showing, and he is very good looking puppy. He goes almost…

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Tiger & Manny

Tiger (left) and Manny (right) enjoying a morning of bird watching and relaxing in the sunshine. They were instant buddies, and Tiger has proven to be a perfect fit for my family. He greets me each morning with nuzzles and nibbles on my chin. He has also let us know when someone other than family…

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I spoke to Buddy’s new owner, JoAnn, and she said that they were doing great and he’s a definite keeper. The only thing JoAnn had trouble with was taking Buddy for car rides at the beginning. He just shook and seemed so scared. So, JoAnn would take Buddy on short trips in the car and…

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Hi Pam, Marcus is doing really good! He seems to have a lot of puppy left in him which we love, our other dog Roger and he are best buddies that play play play! Not going so good yet with kitty but the vet said to give it time and they’ll come around. He got…

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