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I spoke to Buddy’s new owner, JoAnn, and she said that they were doing great and he’s a definite keeper. The only thing JoAnn had trouble with was taking Buddy for car rides at the beginning. He just shook and seemed so scared. So, JoAnn would take Buddy on short trips in the car and before long he became relaxed and now loves going on car rides. JoAnn takes him everywhere with her. They even took a trip to the cities recently and he did great. Buddy waits patiently in the car when JoAnn has to run errands and then greets her with lots of wags when she returns.

When Buddy wants to go outside, he runs to the door and wags his little tail. JoAnn did say that Buddy hogs the bed. He recently met JoAnn’s grandchildren and did very well letting them pet him and play with him. Her Grandson cried when he had to leave because he wanted to take Buddy home with him. Buddy is an only child and, thus, gets a lot of attention. JoAnn couldn’t be happier with her decision to adopt Buddy! Another happy ending!

Pam Cunningham
HSBC Volunteer

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