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Archive for November 2020


Tigger is a friendly loving adult cat. We couldn’t be happier with him.

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My husband and I were lucky enough to adopt Claire (renamed Emmy). We already had a German Shepard named Dre, but after the loss of my very first dog Bella we could tell that he needed a play mate. It took me a long time to grieve and I suppose that I still am. Dre…

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I started out fostering Blue due to major surgery on his hip. I was surprised how mellow he was with all the changes and post op cares. I know that it takes a 3 months for a new animal to settle in but within 2 weeks Blue had adopted all of us. (4 dogs and…

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I would love to give you an update with a picture and possibly a video. It will have to wait until tomorrow or Monday though because I had total knee replacement surgery on the 27th of October and I haven’t been resting as much as I should so I’m kind of devoting, at least today, to…

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Kiana transitioned into our house very well. Within a few days she was able to play with April which has made her very happy each day. She spends each day playing fetch outside, going for walks, playing with April and her human. She had a very fun summer meeting new dog friends and doing some…

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