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Archive for October 2019


I called Ruby’s adoptive parent, Beverly, to get an update. Beverly is a volunteer at HSBC and happened to be at the shelter when poor little Ruby came in. A good Samaritan found Ruby on the side of the road with an injured leg. Unfortunately, Ruby’s leg had to be amputated. Beverly volunteered to foster…

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Sassy (Squichy)

I called Squichy’s adoptive parent, Antonette, to get an update. Squichy’s name was changed to Sassy. Sassy is an only child. She is quite shy and holds up downstairs, for the most part. Last night was the first night Sassy finally came upstairs to eat and visit, but did she not go too near Antonette…

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I called Cleo’s adoptive parent, Jeannie, to get an update. Jeannie says that her other cat, Sam, was a little reluctant to Cleo’s arrival. They are tolerating each other, but Jeannie puts Cleo in a bedroom overnight to avoid any possible fights. The other day, she noticed Sam waiting outside the door of the bedroom…

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Duke (Dobbie)

I called Dobbie’s adoptive parent, Gerald, to get an update. Dobbie’s name was changed to Duke. Everything is going fine. Duke has already learned to sit and lay down. He has trouble on the leash. Duke wants to pull and run. If he isn’t on the leash, he runs away. Duke is very scared of…

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Good morning Pamela, Hope and Henley (now Crackers and Cheese) are doing well. They head to the vet for their last shots this morning. They are simply adorable bundles of joy and energy! Cheese (Henley) had to go another round of medication for pnuemonia when I brought them home. But he is doing fine now.…

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