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Archive for October 2021


I’m so sorry I just realized that I never replied to the email a few months ago been so busy with work. But Spencer now named Winston is living life here. Running around in our backyard, going on car rides and getting all the cuddles he can get our lives have definitely changed for the…

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UPDATE ON AERIES: He such a loving dog and great with people. Still very hyper at times. Plays well with our border collie/lab mix. He eats well. Loves to be brushed, not a fan of baths, lol. He has not once bit anyone nor has he ever showed aggression!! We love watching him adapt daily. I would like to bring…

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Hello! So sorry this has taken me forever to respond to!! Busy with the start of school. The kitties are doing great! We named them Minerva (Sandra) and Athena (Sammy). And, best of all, they get along great with our other cat we adopted in 2020 from HSBC. They chase each other around the house,…

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Hello thank you for reaching out! We gave him the name Diesel, and he has made great friends with our other cat Oxford! Diesel is either full of energy, or very cuddly. Every morning he starts his day by waking the two of us up for nuzzling and scratches, and then he goes to wrestle…

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