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Archive for July 2018


Moana is doing great!!!! The kids and even hubby love her!! She loves to play with her big sister Clover and try’s to start thingS with Daisy the dog. She def loves to Snuggle and play with the kids.

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Thank you for checking in and following up on our recent adoption. We have kept Charlie’s name the same because he was starting to learn it and we didn’t want to confuse him. He seems to be settling into our home very well. He loves our other dog Lilly and they love racing each other…

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Hello, My name is Torrie, and my fiancé, David, and I, love our new addition to the family! We adopted the kitten Moo, aptly named for her unique black and white markings. She loves to run around the living room, batting and balls and catnip toys. Her favorite toy is the feather wand, and she…

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Tina (Riley)

We adopted Riley but changed her name to Tina. From the first day we brought her home, she acted like this has always been her home. She is trained in the basics and fits in with our 2 cats even though 1 of them does not really appreciate Tina being here. They do respect each…

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Hi Pam. Thank you for the email. Moloy is doing great. He’s finding his own comfortable place here. He has a loving personality, is a quick learner and is adjusting to his new home nicely. We’ve discovered that he loves to play in water and has a lot of fun with the garden hose too!…

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