We adopted Biscuit and Gravy, two kittens from the same litter. We renamed them Kamala and Elizabeth.

We adore them.

We took our time letting them settle into our home. Our two sweet spaniel/lab dogs were kept at a distance but were finally introduced with a sliding glass door separating them from the kittens. The kittens like to watch our dogs from a window when the dogs are outside. We let the kittens and dogs all join us in our living room. The dogs were super patient and the kittens were curious but cautious. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to realize that all four would get along beautifully.

Included are some photos. Franny, our 2-year-old pup, allowing the kittens to explore her kennel and the kittens being…well, being kittens.

Thank you to HSBC for enriching our lives and our community.