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Archive for August 2017

Miss America (America)

I’m America’s adoptive parent. She is a wonderful cat. I added Miss in front of America so she goes by Miss America now. We both contributed to her name. She is a friendly cat which is something my other cats were not. What I like best about her is when I have company or family…

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Lolli (Toffee)

Sorry for the delay. Toffee-(now Lolli)-is great. She never responded to “Toffee” & it took time to get her to know her name, period. “We” are still in the adjustment/adolescent phase. As you know, she was in the shelter kennel for 3 months, due to infections–(sinus initially & then, abdominal incisional infections from spaying x2-3);…

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We adopted Bandit April 22, he was already named Bandit and we considered changing it until we realized it was far too fitting for him. So it stayed 🙂 Bandit is doing great! He knows sit, lay, no, and is about 99% potty trained. He’s still not quite sure how to let us know if…

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Dempsey (Mike)

My son Lucas and I couldn’t be happier with the kitten we have adopted from the Humane society of Burnett county! Dempsey, known as Mike before, has adjusted real well and is a happy little fur ball! He has really attached himself to my son. It didn’t take him long to recognize the shake of…

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