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Sophie (Cocoa)

By emilygall | April 30, 2017

Sophie (formerly known as Cocoa) is doing well overall – affectionate with the humans and slowly warming up to the other cats in the house. She’s very quirky but lovable (in the picture, she’s staring down the chair that she hisses at now and then), just like the other cats and humans she now lives…


By emilygall | April 9, 2017

I spoke to Ginger’s owner and she said that Ginger is one spunky little cat, but they love her. Her favorite toy is wine bottle corks that she can bat around the house and down the stairs. She makes up her own games and own entertainment. Ginger loves looking out of the floor to ceiling…

Tommie (OJ)

By emilygall | March 15, 2017

OJ is getting a new name. We discovered he only seems to respond to “Kitty” and that seems to be too feminine for him, so we are calling him Tommie, after Thomas O’Malley from the Aristocats story. He seems to be settling in nicely. The minute I set his kennel down in the kitchen and…

Little B

By emilygall | March 11, 2017

We love our little cat. We have kept her name as little B. She has really settled in to being at our house and loves the kids. Her favorite spot is on the couch in the playroom. I will send some pics separately. Have a good day!

Ralph & Rachael (Bonne & Clyde)

By emilygall | February 11, 2017

Clyde was renamed Ralph and Bonnie was renamed Rachael. Rachael had a problem with one of her stitches from being spayed and after a trip to the vet and some antibiotics she is doing fine. They are both very devoted to each other and are loving and kind dogs. They play together and like to…

Butters (Percy)

By emilygall | February 6, 2017

I just wanted to touch base with you on Percy! We re-named him Butters and he is such a delight!! We love him to death! After three days of our car, Charlie, hissing and moaning at Butters (through a closed door), we finally broke the ice between them last Friday when my daughter came home…

Cosmo (Peridot)

By emilygall | February 6, 2017

Cosmo (Jenna’s new name for Peridot) has been very friendly and doesn’t appear to be stressed out. He’s been using the litter box so far! He like the laser light the most. I visited Jenna yesterday and Cosmo was curled up on Jenna’s bed. He slept with her the first two nights.

Sunshine (Tootsie)

By emilygall | February 2, 2017

Our little Tootsie is doing very well she loves playing with our chocolate lab, Grizzly, and snuggles with our grandson. She loves spending time with me when I am reading. In the mornings and evenings she is full of energy, runs all over, plays with yarn and other goodies. She loves watching the birds out…

Artemis (Reba)

By emilygall | January 29, 2017

Thank you for the follow up message. I had planned to call again this coming week with another update, but e-mail is even better because I work overnights and I don’t always remember to call during business hours. Reba is now known as Artemis. She is fitting in well in our household; with Kyle and…


By emilygall | January 28, 2017

I spoke to Glinda’s new mommy and she told me that Glinda is a very spoiled girl. She doesn’t want to be picked up unless it’s her idea. Glinda sits and cuddles in the chair with her owner and sleeps with her at night. She’s doing super! These are Glinda’s new owner’s words: “She kinda…