Ginny (Gingersnap) & Luna (Jazz)

By ptolbert | October 16, 2018

They are doing fantastic,  we changed gingersnaps name to Ginny and jazz’s name to Luna

Maui & Tui

By ptolbert | October 16, 2018

Thanks for reaching out! We’re doing great here with our new mom, all the way over in Richfield, MN! We’re getting used to being city boys, enjoying watching the world from the safety of our windows. Mom buys us new toys almost every week, we especially love our bug toys and to chase and hunt.…

Tessa (Tara)

By ptolbert | October 16, 2018

We came back to your facility as we had previously adopted a kitten there 2 years ago and we were looking for a companion for him and us. I had tried to work with local shelter but they were not upfront about the health of the kitten I was interested in adopting and I wanted…


By ptolbert | October 16, 2018

Simba is doing very good. He is a very good boy. A little coco at times. He can also be very sweet. We are very happy. I think he is happy too. He climbs on chairs, table, counter,laps but not on the nice cat tree I bought him. Toys all over. Like having a 2…

Daisy (Goldie)

By ptolbert | October 16, 2018

Goldie who we now call DAISY is doing fabulous. She is an awesome dog. We started out as her foster family. After seeing what an incredible dog she is we decided to adopt her. She just needed confidence and to know that she was a good girl. She has certainly blossomed in our home. Daisy…


By Humane Society of Burnett County | August 18, 2018

We adopted Scout after bringing him home from the shelter to recover from surgery resulting from abscessed porcupine quills and a tick-borne infection that was affecting his kidneys. Even under those circumstances he was such an easy going, lovable guy! He and our corgi, Mollie hit it off immediately. Mollie’s other friend, Benny (a previous…

Dax (Dash)

By Humane Society of Burnett County | August 18, 2018

Yes, all is well and we are all very happy. Dash is now Dax and he is amazing. We did have some biting in high stress situations but he is so smart and wants to be a good dog. He is truly a special dog and we are very thankful we found him. Thanks very…


By Humane Society of Burnett County | August 18, 2018

Willy has been a wonderful dog. He now knows the boundaries of our yard and is very good in our house. So loving, gets along with everything, our kids dogs, our grandkids, other people. We are so glad we got him. Thank you so much.


By Humane Society of Burnett County | August 18, 2018

Here are.all three of my babies that were adopted from the shelter. Let’s just say it’s triple Happy Tails. Skye, Gus and Lola are all doing well. Skye loves to play with Gus and she gets along with everybody except my Ellie who also loves Gus. LOL, in time they will be fine. Every week…

Another Update on Gracie (Te Fiti)

By Humane Society of Burnett County | August 14, 2018

I am finally following up! Gracie aka Te Fiti has been a welcomed furry addition to our home. She was well worth the crazy drive…as we first ended up at the Barron County HS, due to technical error, and then we were 20 minutes past closing time, to pick Gracie up. Thanks to Peggy for…