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I called Antonette, who adopted Lacey, to find out how her new family member is doing. Come to find out that Antonette adopted another cat from our shelter a while ago, formerly known as Squishy (renamed Sassy). Sassy was extremely shy and spent most of her time in the basement. Antonette could not get close to Sassy so decided to adopt a more friendly cat, in the hopes that the new cat would bring Sassy out of her shell. Well, it worked! Antonette adopted Lacey and renamed her Bobby Sue. Bobby Sue just brought out the best in everyone. Sassy now comes upstairs and eats and follows Bobby Sue around. For the first time, both cats slept in the bed last night. Bobby Sue is friendly to everyone, and greets the neighbor when he comes around. Found out that Bobby Sue loves potato chips (because she happened to rip open a bag of chips). Antonette is glad she had the patience with Sassy and adopted a second cat from us. We thank her for not giving up!