I spoke to Glinda’s new mommy and she told me that Glinda is a very spoiled girl. She doesn’t want to be picked up unless it’s her idea. Glinda sits and cuddles in the chair with her owner and sleeps with her at night. She’s doing super! These are Glinda’s new owner’s words: “She kinda saved me. I lost my husband in July. I had a little dog and both her knees went out and I had to put her down. Needless to say, this apartment was very, very quiet. When I got her, that came to hault. When the walls started closing in, I had to do something and that’s why I got a cat. I live in senior housing, on the second floor. I had my dog puppy potty-pad trained and thought, do I want to start that over again? A cat seemed so much easier. It turned out just super and I love her! She can sure tell me when she wants something. She’s very vocal. When I’m on the phone is when she’ll be acting up more than anything. It’s like she’s saying you’re supposed to be paying attention to me, so get off the phone.” This gal is very happy with the decision she made to adopt Glinda and has even kept her name the same, although she refers to her as Glinny.

Pam Cunningham, HSBC Volunteer