Back story to our puppy, she showed up on my doorstep one day almost 2 months ago. I called neighbors and the closest store and the humane society not knowing what to do with this little bear cub that was already melting our hearts! I brought her in, they checked her for a chip, she had no identification whatsoever. They had to keep her for 5 days. My heart broke. I called on her every day, no one ever claimed her. I came and saw her and fell more in love. We put in an application and waited out our time. So happy she became ours. Humane society was calling her Cuba. We got her home and she became our Grace. We fell in love immediately and she and our pit bull, Duck are inseparable! It’s like she has always been here! She is spunky! Loves to explore, boat rides, kayaking, walks and swimming. She’s a busy little girl! Everyone who meets her is very smitten by her. We don’t understand how someone could let this sweet 3 month old puppy out into the woods by herself but we are grateful she came to our house. She is forever home.