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By Pam Cunningham | September 8, 2019

We adopted Pickles and changed her name to Betsy Ross. She quickly adapted to our home! Our other two cats had a much harder time but everyone is getting along just fine now. Despite being the youngest two years, Betsy is definitely the boss and is the first to get food or toys first. She has quickly become…


By Pam Cunningham | September 8, 2019

Bella (now Tennessee because we already have a Bella) is doing great. She has fit in to our family fantastically. I’ll send some photos of her just hanging out, and in her Here Comes Trouble onesie after getting spayed. She loves her border collie brother. We love her, thank you for saving her for us!…


By Pam Cunningham | August 16, 2019

This is Alice’s first camping experience with us! As you can see she is pretty comfortable! Glamping can be so hard on a girl!! She is the PURRFECT Companion! We do and will continue to keep in contact with you and Peggy!!


By Pam Cunningham | August 16, 2019

We are very happy with Queenie (Oddball). She is a very affectionate cat. We did bring a kitten into the home named and her, so we changed Oddball’s name to fit her. Now we have a Queen and Bee. It took a while for Queenie to accept a kitten but is coming along well. She…


By Pam Cunningham | August 16, 2019

She is doing wonderful. She is a bit on the shy side but once she knows you she loves you. She loves to hang out in my bedroom and come in the kitchen when it is quiet. She is getting used to Fancy the other cat in the home. They do have their moments but for the…


By Pam Cunningham | August 16, 2019

Sorry I didn’t get back to you. Changed it to just Henry. He is doing great. He is the ruler of the house. He will go after the other dogs if he thinks they doing something wrong. LOL. He never leaves my side, always wants to go in the car with me, sometimes can’t go…


By Pam Cunningham | August 16, 2019

You are right to assume that we are doing fine. We changed Trixie’s name to Bibi. Thank you for bringing us together: she is a delight.


By Pam Cunningham | August 16, 2019

Hi Pam, originally my son was going to change her name, but decided “Tess” was the best fit. She is the perfect combination of cuddly & playful, with a very loud purr box. She’s very adventurous and is helping increase the activity of another one of our HSBC pets, Fancy. It took some time for…


By Pam Cunningham | August 16, 2019

Hi! We recently adopted Max (formerly known as Mugsy) from you. He is doing great. He is loved and seems to love us in return. Max is a great addition to our family. Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives! (Sorry there isn’t a better picture. He never stays still long enough to…


By Pam Cunningham | August 15, 2019

I spoke to the gal that adopted Harry. She said that originally, they had no intention of adopting – but just stopped by for a visit. Harry was the first to greet her and started licking her 11-month-old’s toes. That was all it took and an adoption application was completed before they left the building.…