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By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Hi!  We have been super busy and I totally forgot to respond to your email! We renamed Meghan to Saddie. We have been doing a TON of training with her. She has become very attached (she doesn’t leave my side) and protective of us, which has become our new focus because of positive and negative…


By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Pam, this is the one I sent to HSBC. I renamed them as you can see below. After the loss of my second dog Bear all my babies have had names that meant bear. However, this time I was trying to find names that rhymed somewhat with their shelter names. They are wonderful and loving…


By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Wallace (the shelter name) is the most wonderful cat I’ve ever known. He’s very clear about when he wants food, water, or petting. He races around the house like a kitten even though he’s only 2 years old. He is very intelligent and behaves like a cat who has never been hurt. His favorite activity is…


By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Baby/Lacey is doing great! She is getting comfortable with us, our family, friends, my horses. She alerted us to a bear in our yard last week!


By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Sophie and my mom are doing just great. She is a little sweetheart. She loves to cuddle and get her ears scratched. She is one very loved and very spoiled kitty. Exactly what my mom needed. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to adopt her.


By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Josie is doing great. She is the best dog ever. She is so loving and playful and silly. We couldn’t ask for a better dog. We love her so much. Can’t wait for all the amazing memories we are going to make with our new family member.


By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Genji is having a ball with a long piece of fabric and her multilayered cat tree. She is settled at home in Roseville and at the cabin In Voyager Village. We pretty much adore each other. She seeks me out for body rubs, jaw scratches, and reassurance during storms. She doesn’t sit still long enough…


By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Love her, she is doing great.


By Pam Cunningham | August 13, 2020

Lindsey is doing surprising well considering her health issues, bad breath and strong smelling farts. She loves to take the lead out on long walks. She also loves her toys and eating. She is very vocal in telling us what she wants though we haven’t figured out some of her reasons for barking. She has taken over both dog beds…


By Pam Cunningham | July 20, 2020

Gunny is doing amazingly well after only a month. In fact, the humans are having challenges adjusting to such a laid-back dog! Gunny is not a morning dog at all – we often have to coax him out of the bedroom only to have him snooze another hour on the couch before he’s interested in…