I adopted Victor. I’ve been happy with him for the most part, but not too sure about this pooping to the box issue. They warned me about it and I thought I could fix it. I had a cat do that long ago when I was raising my family near Ashland. She had diarrhea and seemed to equate the box with the pain. A trip to the vet sorted that out.

Anyway, I thought Victor had quit the pooping next to the box. Until the other day, I was working up stays and caught my dog eating it! I saw the little smudges of poo around that area and think it might have not actually stopped.

So. What to do? I remember thinking when I first got him that he had a big tummy for a young cat. He still does and that makes me think of some tummy issues that might be causing the poop issue. Any thoughts?

Overall Victor is a hoot with my young dog Remmy. They play really well together. I have two other cats and they’ve both accepted and been pretty ok with Victor.