Hope all is well. Gomez, now Alfonz and Colby, now Pierre are doing well. They have adjusted to the new household quite well and are playing with the kids and the one year old golden retriever. Pierre loves trying to eat whatever he can (lettuce, apples, noodles), but of course we try to prevent him from gaining access to those items. He is a snuggle bug and loves to purr and sit on my lap any chance he gets. Alfonz is very playful and loves to climb as much as possible. His favorite is to walk and head boop the golden retriever’s head. He is recovering from feline herpes and is being dewormed due to poor weight gain, which appears to be helping. They are a wonderful addition to the family and our home feels complete with them. A separate email will contain a photo of them. Thanks for checking in! Have a great day!

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