Thanks for reaching out and checking on our new dog, Betty (the wonder dog).

Betty has adjusted to her new house wonderfully. She is an absolute joy to have in our home and we would be crushed if anything were to happen to her.

She came to us from you with an amazing personality and manners. With very few exceptions, she is nearly perfect. She does not need a leash as she stays with us and doesn’t run away. She lets us know when she needs to go outside. We carte trained her but we stopped shutting the door to the crate because she is so well behaved. We bought a shock collar because of the road near our home but we have never used it and haven’t even trained her on it. She is healthy, happy and safe in her new home and is a joy every day.

She gets walks twice a day with usually one walk in the Burnett County forest – her happy place. She has 15 acres at home and loves to tour our property many times throughout the day. She is great with other people and other dogs at the dog park where she goes every Saturday morning. Sure, she could not chase the occasional jogger or bike rider but we are working on that.

She is Betty – The Wonder Dog – and we can’t imagine a life without her.

Thank you for the wonderful foundation of love and training you provided before she came home. We can’t take too much credit for her amazing personality and manners and we will always be grateful for your staff and you.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to let others know how great you are with adoption dogs!