We’d love to update you on our sweet Buster Boy!

We have had the joy of having Buster for almost 3 months! In this time he has come out of his hiding spots (literally) to show us his spunky, loyal, smart, and loving personality.

We celebrated his 8th birthday in July, a time when he wasn’t too sure about life in Duluth. Since then, he enjoys using his short bursts of energy to play fetch-and-protect at the park, walk to our favorite patio spots, roll in the grass, play tug with dad, chase squirrels, chomp flies, and visit the other dogs at dads work. His favorite activities though are a good snuggle on the couch and getting all the head and belly scratches. He’ll be sure to let you know he is unsatisfied of your scratches with a few relentless whacks from his paw.

He has adjusted to the noises of a bigger city nicely, but refuses to go in the big lake, and isn’t keen on the hills. He still gets a bit anxious on car rides, but if there’s a chance of a pup cup, he’s sure to hop right in.

We couldn’t be happier to have Buster around. He’s truly the goodest boy, and we look forward to giving him as much joy as he gives us for the rest of his life!