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Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back! Here’s how it’s been going with Cody (We have started calling him Cody Codes because it flows, haha)  :

When we went to go take a look at Ron (The Cat) and bring him to his new forever home, we decided to take a look at the pup that I had noticed on the site. As soon as we entered the kennel, and we saw him, we knew immediately, he was our pup. I filled out the application, and was approved that week, so the following weekend we went and picked up our pup, and thus began the fun times that were ahead.

We had just gotten to his forever home, and I had him on the leash to walk him around the property. I could tell immediately that he was enjoying the wide open space, as we’ve got about 3.5 acres for him to roam around. After we did the initial walking tour, we brought him inside the house. Well, at this point, he had been home for all of 15 minutes, and already knew how to sneak through doors that people mistakenly left open. Just like that, I lost track of him and was panicking and thought I was the most irresponsible dog owner on Earth. Well, after about 2 long minutes of me frantically searching high and low for him, he arrived back at the front door proudly sporting a dead bird in his mouth. I still don’t know where he found it, but that’s how our first day went, and I knew he was going to fit in quite well here with that nose and that tracking ability.

As time has gone on, we’ve gotten used to each other quite a bit more. Potty training is always fun, but he’s making great progress and house accidents are decreasing drastically. He and two of the cats (Ron the Cat being one of them) seem to have a playful understanding, and the cats mess with him by making him chase them in to a room that has a small opening on the door just big enough for kittens, but not for puppies. It’s a never ending game, and there’s never really a clear winner.

A recent trend that Cody Codes has started doing, is playing “hide and see” (yes hide and see) by “hiding” in his crate underneath the blanket we gave him. Although his little body is usually exposed, he abides by the “if I can’t see you, you can’t see me” mentality and lays perfectly still as though he’s invisible. This is a fun game, but you see, Cody’s weaknesses are the love of the outdoors, and food. We figured out pretty quickly how to make him become visible again just by opening the front door and/or carrying treats in to his room. Magically he sheds the blanket, and we can see him!

Overall, I think everything’s going very well, and he’s a fantastic pup. We’ve received tons of compliments on how cute and well behaved he is from many other people, and people seem to love him at first sight (know the feeling). He has indeed found his forever home, and we’re so glad for the HSBC for taking care of him for his first 7 months.