Jace has adapted spectacularly to my home! He has become best buddies with my other cat, Peanut. Peanut has even come out of his shell a little and started playing more! I was really hoping they would get along, and I can’t be more thrilled that both kitties are happy! I’ve learned his favorite thing, by far, is the laser pointer; he goes nuts when he sees me pick it up, and his energy gets Peanut excited to play too!

The only thing that was a problem was that as soon as I got him home, he presented with sneezing and was sick. Both of my cats Smokie and Peanut caught his cold. Peanut needed to go to urgent care and recovered. Smokie did not and ended up passing. Granted though, Smokie was 17 and I think was approaching the end of his life independent of being sick based on things I was noticing with him, and a cold was just too much for his already weakening body. I, in no way, blame Jace for Smokie passing. I used to volunteer in a shelter and know URIs can spread rapidly, and at the shelter, he wasn’t sneezing; there were other cats in the colony room that were, though. Once Jace was feeling better, he stayed by Smokie’s side through his sickness until I had to bring Smokie in to be put down. The vet thinks he may have ultimately been going through heart failure or had leukemia. Jace really is a caring kitty. And, I’m glad I got him before Smokie passed. I don’t think Peanut would’ve done well on his own. Plus, I did adopt Jace knowing Smokie likely didn’t have much time left. I didn’t want Peanut to be alone when the inevitable happened with Smokie. Sorry, I know this paragraph is much less happy than the previous one. But life happens, and I’m choosing to believe it’s fate. People tell stories about losing their pets and then finding another that fills the void. I had the opposite; a void (my little black kitty Jace) found me to help ease the impending pain of losing my best friend of 17 years. It’s almost funny too; his name is significant to one of my hobbies, and when I adopted him, I was informed his fees had already been paid. It was meant to be. This paragraph got a little emotional for me (and feel free to omit it haha), but he’s really helped me through this hard time. I lost Smokie in the beginning of February, and Jace (and Peanut) has been there for me through this emotional past month.

Thanks for reaching out to me!