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Jasmine & Juniper

On March 6, 2018 we picked up our adopted cats, Jasmine and Juniper, from the Humane Society of Burnett County and brought them home. Once here, they immediately began to explore and soon took over as though it’s been their home forever.

Full of energy, they race upstairs and downstairs throughout the house that they seem to consider as their personal jungle gym. Then they curl up together in a chair or a lap to catch up on their sleep.

Our darling cats can sometimes be nosy pests. I tell them that curiosity killed a cat but they don’t listen. We need to be quick if we don’t want them jumping into a drawer or a cupboard.

And I’m still a bit peeved when they sit on the edge of the wash basin, one cat on each side, to watch me brush my teeth.

But they’re so cute and we love them.

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