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Attached is a picture of Pearl, now called Millie.She is so sweet with the best disposition. She is starting to integrate with our other dogs which are her brothers & sisters. She loves her new bed. She is still adjusting.

We have a large run for the dogs in our fenced backyard. Millie does not like going in the run which we have covered with large river rock stones. She will only go to the bathroom in the backyard & not the run where our other dogs go to the bathroom. We have put down grass carpet areas in the run for her to pee & poop on but all she wants to do in the run is sit on the deck inside the run. She will not go potty there. I have even tried to place a piece of her poop on the grass carpet area in the run & she still won’t do her business. We are open for suggestions as we want her to pee & poop in the run like our other dogs. The backyard is only used for playing & exercising the dogs & our backyard is fenced in.

Please email me any suggestions or ideas so that she will pee & poop in the run & not in the backyard.

We love her very much & want her to be part of our family. She has a good home here. We know it will take time to totally adjust & we are patient with her.


I called Kimberly last week to tell her that Millie is now pooping & peeing in our large run instead of the backyard. We use the large run for the dogs to poop & pee in and the backyard is for exercising. I continued working with her and praising her every time she went in the run.

She is so precious & so lovable. She is integrating well with her new home.