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Molly is doing well! She is a great dog and we are lucky to have her in our family. Everyone is surprised at what a good dog she is and how well trained. We are starting to teach her some tricks (she can shake now) and she loves to go on walks!

She is quite the guard dog and tells us in no uncertain terms that the cat from next door is in her backyard. She is definitely territorial.

She has the run of the house now and has never had an “accident.” She even comes to tell me that she has to go out if she can’t wait (she sits in front of me and waits for me to get the idea).

The boys and I love having her. It is taking some time, of course, to figure everything out. She seems to be afraid of water (sprinklers, taking baths, etc.) so we have been going to the groomers. I need to figure out how to make her comfortable so I can bathe her.

My ex husband has our cat and Molly gets along with the cat just fine. He takes Molly for a walk most days while I’m working and is also quite attached to her.

We have had mixed messages with other dogs. At the park, she is really good with people and mostly with the other dogs. Around our block, it can go either way. She is fine some of the time and other times more aggressive/protective.

Anyway, that is a bit about how things are going. I will keep in touch and send another update soon. We are very happy that Molly is our dog and she gets lots of love, and belly rubs too!

Thanks again.