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Good morning Pam! Moochie formerly known as Tyke is doing incredible! He loves tons of cuddles. When we first adopted him I had pretty litter and it showed signs of a UTI. He showed all the symptoms. Excessive licking, fever. So I brought him to the vet and got a 10 day prescription for him. He seems to be doing fine. He’s on both dry and canned with a chicken squeeze 2 times a day just making sure he gets enough liquids. The vet wanted to put him on a prescription Urinary food for the rest of his life. But since he is so young and with a proper diet I think we can combat it. His activities include: being my shadow teaching him how to garden, playing in holes, catching chipmunks, scaring the chickens and of course wrestling his big brother Milo. Moochie has taken the nightly role of cleaning milos face when he’s sleeping. At first Milo didn’t know how to take it, but he thinks it feels good now. Moochie loves to sleep by our faces. He wakes us up with morning rubs in the face. His favorite is biting our noses and ears. Then he sticks his little wet nose up my nostril. We still can’t believe how loosy goosy he is. When you pick him up he becomes a wet noodle. His fur is so shiny and soft that it’s hard to get a grip on him. He is everything we wanted and more. Our other cat just didn’t know how to play or be a cat so now they play and follow each other. Thank you!!