Hi Pamela, our adoption went great. Roscoe was a long time resident of HSBC. We were looking for a companion cat for our 8 year old cat, Nola. We probably spent 2 hours at the shelter looking at cats. Stacy and the rest of the staff were the ones that convinced us that Roscoe was the best cat for our needs. We needed to come back in 2 weeks because Roscoe was recovering from his last surgery. It took a couple weeks for Nola to adjust to another cat but Roscoe said he was ready to be a pampered pet. We have had a few little kitty spats but kitties are doing well together. They have traveled with us to our cabin north of Webster. Roscoe really enjoys watching all the wildlife out the windows but I think he has decided being a pampered pet is better than being a stray cat. I believe getting great cat food, toys, & love have helped make that decision.  

We took him to the U of MN Opthomologist to have his eye checked & they said all good. His only problem is his tear ducts are clogged & can’t be fixed so he has runny eyes and doesn’t like having his face washed.

He is a great cat & we appreciate the staff at HSBC. I am attaching a picture of Roscoe. My daughter put some pictures & a video of Roscoe the other day. I believe she tagged HSBC in it but I will have her put it in Happy Tails

I love visiting HSBC & will stop by to give the current residents pets.