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Hi!  We have been super busy and I totally forgot to respond to your email!

We renamed Meghan to Saddie. We have been doing a TON of training with her. She has become very attached (she doesn’t leave my side) and protective of us, which has become our new focus because of positive and negative behaviors. We are socializing her the best we can and working on her “aggressiveness” towards other adults who visit our home and dogs. She also appears to have anxiety during storms and when we leave her at home. If you have any tips for that, I would greatly appreciate it.

She has been loving and a great dog. She enjoys our adventures and has come to love 4 wheeler rides and our trips to the lake. She loves laying in the sandbox with our kids while they play. She is a huge snuggle bug and seems to want to be a lap dog LOL. Our kids adore her and she puts up with a lot of their shenanigans. She has been a great addition to our family.