Sydney is settling in well. We did keep her name and she responds to it. There’s always some settling in hiccups but she listens well and adores our 7 month old son. They are growing into quite the buddy pair.

Sydney loves chewing toys and sticks (and anything else we don’t take away fast enough) but she’s learning her boundaries and is such a sweetheart. She also loves to hide her chew toys around the house so we often find them under our pillow or in the couch. She gets along fairly well with our cats – just wants to play with them and they are not very interested!

When she gets the zoomies outside, sometimes we get out the four wheeler – she LOVES to run and chase it! She also runs after the laser pretty fiercely. She loves everybody and everything and is always very excited when company comes, even if it’s the delivery guy.

Sydney loves to sit in our laps (I call her a 42 lb bulldozer who thinks she’s a 9 lb lap dog) and give kisses and hang out with us. We love her so much and are so happy she gets to be part of our home.

Hope that works for an update!