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Hi everybody my name is Tonka. My story is pretty long so I hope you’ll bear with me.

I was born in Ohio & unwanted so I was sent to a rescue. I got lucky & was adopted. But my people got a new puppy that I didn’t get along with & I went back to doggie jail.

I thought I got lucky again when I got adopted again. We moved to Texas. Then my new family had to give me up again! I was 4 years old, people were told I wasn’t good with other dogs so no one wanted me & I sat in another doggie jail.

Some people then loaded me in a van & we took a long ride to Wisconsin.

We arrived in Wisconsin in October of 2020. The people at this doggie jail were nice but I grew scared & frustrated. No one wanted me.

They sent me off for a month for some training. I acted a little better for awhile but I still wasn’t happy.

This guy came by every week & gave me some delicious treats but I barked & barked because I wasn’t sure about anything. He never stopped no matter how long I barked. Every week he gave me treats & talked to me. He didn’t seem happy.

One day I decided to stop barking at him & see what would happen. He walked with me on the other side of the fence, gave me more treats & talked real nice to me. He sat down & I decided to sit down next to him on the other side of the fence. He gave me scratches & seemed to be very happy.

The next week he told me we were going to work this out. He also said if I bit him he was going to bite me back! I never bit anyone but I wasn’t going to take a chance & was a good girl. We went for a walk, he talked to me & I was happy I didn’t bite him.

We went into a quiet room & he sat in a chair so I decided to sit in a chair next to him. He seemed so happy & kept telling me I was a good girl.

I reached over & put my paw on his leg and he sat there a real long time patting me & talking to me. He had to leave but promised to be back the next week.

Saturday came & HE CAME BACK! We spent a long time together & I decided to see how he felt about me jumping up in his lap. He was so happy! So was I. I finally had a friend I could count on. He always had those delicious treats & talked to me.

Every week he came back, we got closer. I stopped barking & looked forward to our visits.

Then one day he brought in one of his dogs, Rio. I remembered Rio from the trip up from Texas. We all went on a walk & spent time together.

The next week he brought his other pup Petey. We got along ok too.

Then he brought in both Rio & Petey. We all hung out together, going for a walk. Something seemed different. This man was always thinking about something, I couldn’t figure out what but as long as he kept coming, I didn’t care.

Then it happened, out of the blue he took me away from doggie jail & we went to his house! We all had to wear these things around our mouths, he called them muzzles. And we were put in kennels.

Then one day he left me out to move around the house all day. Petey broke out of his kennel & we played all day.

When the man came home he was suprised when he saw me & Petey. Everything changed after that. The muzzles were not put on us anymore & we all got to play.

Well to make a long story longer, he told me I was home & Rio & Petey were now my brothers! I fell in love with this man who was now my dad. He hugs me & pats me. I’ve learned to give kisses. I make sure to always potty outside.

It took a long time but I’m very happy to finally have a home with my two brothers & dad. I try to make sure they know how happy & grateful I am every day.

I love my new home & family!